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So You've purchased carpet from The Carpet Company…now what?

We want you to love your new Flooring. So we've prepared a guide that will help you get the most from your purchase.


Please be sure to have your home temperature at a minimum of 65 degrees at least 24 hours before and after the installation as well as during the installation. This will ensure that new flooring can be properly installed.

Cabinets & Table Tops

We know how much people like to display their crystal, porcelain, china, and other breakables in their cabinets, hutches, and on top of tables. But this may interfere with your installation, so we ask that you remove anything that may fall during the installation process.


Pictures, low wall hangings, and floor-length draperies may interfere with the installers' movements. So please remove draperies or tie them back at least 36" from the floor.

Old Flooring

The removal of old flooring is often necessary and can take a considerable amount of time. We can provide this service (except for the removable of vinyl that may contain asbestos) with charges based on the amount of time spent on the job. If your old vinyl flooring contains asbestos, however, you will need to contact a licensed asbestos removal company to remove any vinyl flooring you may have. Your sales professional will gladly assist you in locating such a company.


Closets and storage areas need to be cleared, and long-hanging clothing need to be removed so that there is a 36" space above the floor to enable the installers to work freely.


After your new flooring has been installed, it may be necessary to trim the bottoms of some doors in order to accommodate possible changes in height. We will be happy to recommend the proper professional to administer this service.


We will gladly handle the moving of your regular furniture during the installation. This service can be arranged through your sales professional and may require and additional charge. Please not also, that pool tables, grand pianos, and wood stoves must be moved by professionals and should be take care of prior to installation. Some items that require special handling include aquariums, waterbeds, grandfather clocks, and console pianos. For items like these, consult your sales professional.


You can expect your floor covering to be professionally installed on schedule. However, on very rare occasions, the date or time may need to be changed due to circumstances beyond our control. The prompt and professional installation of your floor covering is always the top priority.

A huge selection, free estimates, free samples, quick all really means nothing if it doesn't translate to a pleasant, inspiring process where you get to do the fun part. In other words, if we've helped make your flooring purchase and installation simple and inspiring, we've done our job. Stop by our showroom, or find out more about how we simplify your inspiration.