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Choosing a New Floor Shouldn't Feel Like Work

Let's face it. Choosing a new floor should be fun and easy. If it feels like work, you need to call The Carpet Company. Not only do we offer the largest selection in the area, our local flooring pros will help you find the right flooring and they'll make installation easy.

Abbey Carpet and Floor: A Large Selection is Really About Service

As a local family owned Abbey Carpet and Flooring Dealer , we'll provide you with the local service you want. With the backing of a national Abbey and you can choose from the largest carpet, hardwood, laminate, and vinyl selection in the area. That includes pre finished hardwood, sheet vinyl flooring, laminate and the new luxury vinyl tile.

Estimates Cost as Much as Samples: They're Free.

Why do some flooring stores and the big home improvement stores charge for samples and estimates? We're not sure. All we know is that, at The Carpet Company, flooring samples are free and our accurate, in-home estimates are also free.

One-Day Installation

The right relationship with the best installation professionals gets the job done right and on time. That's why we hire installers who know how we work and the kind of service we expect on behalf of our customers. What does this mean to you? The installation is easy for you, the workers are friendly and accommodating and the installation can often happen in one day.

A huge selection, free estimates, free samples, quick all really means nothing if it doesn't translate to a pleasant, inspiring process where you get to do the fun part. In other words, if we've helped make your flooring purchase and installation simple and inspiring, we've done our job. Stop by our showroom, or find out more about how we simplify your inspiration.